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2016 Hadassah Academic College's President Report 

Prof. Bertold FridlenderWelcome to our College's website! You will read of activities that reflect a teaching institution that is innovative, strong, and attracting an increased number of students from year to year from all parts of Israel.

Indeed, the Israel Union of Students surveyed over 12,000 students at the start of the academic year and our College was again rated the number one institution to study at in Jerusalem. We are delighted by the positive response by the students regarding their learning experience at Hadassah Academic College.

The fact that our student growth has consistently been among the highest in Israel over the past four years is undoubtedly related
to at least four factors: our career-focused degree options; the personal attention to each student; scholarship assistance to those in need; and our students' success in completing their studies and pursuing rewarding careers.

Key to our success is our Career Counseling Center, made possible through the generosity of the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation. The Center is playing a crucial role to assist our students to prepare for entry to the workforce and to identify employment opportunities in their chosen field of study.

As an academic institution dedicated to serving students from the full range of social and economic backgrounds, we are home to a student population that is truly multi-cultural. This of course brings its own challenges and sensitivities. As an institution of learning, we strive to improve our own knowledge and familiarity with our different students' needs, while we consider how these might impact our teaching. To this end, we have invested time and resources to provide our faculty and senior staff with training workshops in cultural sensitivity, so that every student can feel welcome and succeed in his/her studies. We aspire to create a learning environment marked by dialogue and mutual respect.

It is within this context that we are pleased by the steady increase in our "Campus Strauss" academic program for ultra-Orthodox "Haredi" male and female Haredi students. No less than one-half of all Haredi students currently studying at public institutions of higher learning today study at our College. This pioneering program is emblematic of the College’s commitment to making higher education - and hence professional employment - accessible to all Israelis.

Our journey continues to be an enthralling and challenging one, and our successes over the past year reaffirm our confidence in our mission and approaches. Together we look forward to a future with continued growth, increasingly prominent contributions to Israel’s social and educational success and most importantly, perpetual learning.

Prof. Bertold Fridlender, President