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Course: "Study tour to Greece.”

10/05/2016 | Shmuel Irit | Management of Service Organizations

On Sunday, September 29th, 2016, twenty-nine students of the Hadassah Academic College and Ben-Gurion University tourist track left for Greece for the second season of a "Study tour to Greece".
The goal of the course is to meet with tourist site managers to understand how sites are operated and maintained (including cities, villages, and nature reserves).
The course is taught by Ms. Irit Shmueli, Head of the College's Tourism Track; Mr. Shakhar Shil, an expert in Greek tourism and tour guide; and Prof. Yaniv Puriah, Head of Tourism Track at Ben-Gurion University.

Students visit a variety of attractions all over Greece, both enjoying their visit as tourists and analyzing their experiences applying theoretical models.

As part of the course, students meet with managers holding important positions in the industry. These include the Head of Tourism for the Kalambaka municipality; Director of the Cave of Stalactites in Kletrova, and representative of the Athens municipality. The students visit a variety of sites including the Peloponnese peninsula where they enjoy coast and village sights, nature reserves and archeological sites. In addition, students attend lectures in subjects such as the geography of Greece, local politics, and economics.

Course “Study visit to Greece”