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Dr. Shneor Lectured at the “Migdal Or” Conference

12/04/2016 | Dr. Shneor Einat | Optometry | Optometry and Vision Sciences M.Optom.

Last week, Dr. Einat Shneor, a lecturer in the Optometric Sciences Faculty gave the opening lecture at the conference of the Israeli Association for Occupational Therapy and the Training Center for Support Circles of "Migdal Or, the Northern Goals Association". The Subject of the Lecture: Basic Concepts in the Vision System. The theme of the conference is Vision Impairment and Blindness – Aspects in Rehabilitation and Care Technology. Dr. Shneor explained the various functions of sight and relevant concepts. The lecture served as an opening for the entire study day.

Dr. Shneor’s lecture is a part of the fertile cooperation between Hadassah Optometric Sciences Department and “Migdal Or, the Northern Goals Association".

Dr. Shneor during the lecture