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Seminar on AAC for people with aphasia

10/26/2016 | Communication Disorders | Communication Disorders M.A.

A seminar was held on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for people with aphasia. 50 speech therapists attended the seminar from all over the country and especially from rehabilitation hospitals in Israel. The purpose of the seminar was to teach about the process of matching multi-channel AAC to people with aphasia while allowing participants to fully experience the process of evaluation and matching, to get acquainted with the tools implemented in Aphasia Adler Center and to meet many AAC users in different stages of the tools’ implementation. Participants of the seminar received accessible communication boards. These tools have been developed by the center staff while working with people with aphasia over past six years.

The following people gave lectures at the seminar: Dafna Olenik, Director of the Adler Aphasia Center, Yadida Levin Sternberg, a speech therapist and a counselor in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Meyrav Rove Malka, a speech therapist in charge of the technology in the Adler Aphasia Center. The event was opened by Prof. Fridlender, President of the College and Dr. Sarah Melijson, Head of the Dept. of Communication Disorders. The seminar focused attention on a crucial issue which is, actually, “all around us”, professional caregivers and citizens alike. The lectures raised awareness, in a very interesting and intense fashion, of the abuse against people with disabilities and of difficulty in identifying these people, understanding and handling their complaints. It is important to broaden our knowledge on the subject, to learn about it and to recognize its therapeutic and legal aspects.

Speech therapist together with a member of the Center demonstrates use of AAC.