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Workshop: promotion of social issues 2016

10/26/2016 | Ziv Limor | Politics and Communication

The social marketing workshop, hosted by the lecturer Limor Ziv, provided students with the practical social marketing tools and introduced them to the new marketing theories and concepts. Students created a social campaign for an organization and/or NGO of their choice, implementing theoretical concepts they learned. The workshop offered both theoretical studies and social activities, including both frontal and guest lectures and hands -on training sessions as part of practical experience.

Students built a strategic marketing model, conducted in-depth interviews in order to get acquainted with the target groups, and formulated their vision and brand features. At the end of the process the students, as marketers, created their first social campaign.

“The fight against driving under the influence of alcohol “| Itai Raz, Dawn Kandil

Drunkenness is currently one of the dangers for public safety and public order in Israel; it has a huge impact on violence, crime rate and traffic accidents. Various surveys, published by the World Health Organization and by the DEA indicate that the age of alcohol consumption in Israel has been declining over the years, and the number of minors coming under the influence of alcohol has been steadily increasing. Driving under the influence of alcohol impairs the driver's alertness and causes lack of concentration, disrupting the driver’s reactions and inducing drowsiness. All of these factors can lead to accidents or disasters on the road.

As part of a workshop promoting social campaigns, we have chosen the topic: “Driving under the influence of alcohol”. We chose this particular topic wishing to learn about the measures taken by the Ministry of Transport, Police and various organizations in Israel in order to eradicate this phenomenon and mainly to offer new ideas to deal with this issue. As part of the research work, we focused on the activities of the "Green Light" organization with the purpose of learning about the fight against road accidents; especially road accidents caused by drunken driving.

To see the presentation on the campaign: “Fight against driving under the influence of alcohol”.

”From now on you stay alert in the car”/ Esti Topaz, Dana Ilan, Shir Asur 

As part of a social campaign workshop we were asked to create a significant social campaign on a specific issue. We decided to focus on the issue of children left behind in vehicles as cases have multiplied over the recent years, some of which have led to irreversible damage and even death of children. We believe that our work is essential in the fight against this frightening phenomenon. Our campaign helps to raise public awareness and thereby reduce the number of children left behind in cars.

To see the presentation: “From now on you stay alert in the car”'

Campaign “From now on you stay alert in the car”.