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Photographic Excursion to Mitzpe Ramon

01/04/2017 | guetta Judith | Photographic Communications

Once again this year, 1st and 2nd year students from the Faculty of Photographic Media went on an enthralling photographic highly challenging excursion to Mitzpe Ramon. The goals of the excursion were practical experience in photographic tasks in the context of landscape, place, society, tightening the social bond between students and forming a body of support works for the Mitzpe Ramon Archives.

This excursion was planned by Irus Ohayon, a social photographer, guide and Mitzpe Ramon inhabitant, who is documenting the city and establishing the Mitzpe Ramon photographic archives. Irus accompanied the excursion and arrange enthralling meetings with elderly and young local heroes. The excursion created technical connections with the place, an amazing and surprising vista of this distant southern city, with the enthralling view from the top of the cliff, which captures the soul and but is especially exciting to see.

The excursion to Mitzpe Ramon included Nahal Ramon, the Ramon Crater range of colors, the geological museum, Han Beerot and Irus’ medicinal herb workshop.  On the 2nd day, the students went into the city of Mitzpe Ramon, where thy met local personalities and visited a Bedouin encampment. The faculty staff accompanied the excursion: Aharon Hamilavsky, Yossi Galanti, Eddie Gerald, Yuval Tabul and Roy Miz.