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Tour of the Hadera Power Station and the Intel Plant

05/09/2017 | Dr. Sharf Geula | Environmental Quality Sciences

Second-year students from the Environment Quality Sciences Faculty participated in the tour of the “Orot Rabin” Power Station at Hadera and the Intel plant at Kiryat Gat. 
The tour was conducted within the academic framework in the “Control Systems and Air Pollution Prevention” Course, headed by Dr. Geula Sheref.
During the tour, the students received comprehensive explanations on the activity at the largest fossilized fuel power station in Israel with a production capacity of 2,600 megawatts. 
Because reference is to a coal-burning power station for electricity production, there was a discussion on the subject of the Electric Company’s coping with air pollution that the fossilized fuel production units produce at the power station. 
The students toured a range of power station installation: They traveled on the wharf leading to the port for offloading coal from ships, which arrive at the station, coal piles, coal conveyor belts, the control room and were exposed to the systems for preventing air pollution emissions that are installed at the power station: Electrical depressions for preventing the emission of particles, A gas purification scrubber for reducing sulfur dioxide emissions and means for reducing the release of nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere, which are installed in both new production units.

A college graduate and Intel employee, Dr. Avi Lubchik, guided the students during the tour of the Intel Plant. A number of graduates of the Environment Quality Faculty at the college are employed in senior functions in the Quality Control kept apartment at Intel.

The students at the Hadera Power Station, photographer Oren Agamiי